Session One


Professor Robin Franklin, FRS

"Brain stem cells, regeneration and ageing"

Dr Euan Stronach

"What am I doing in Science?!"

Thea Fennell

"The single life: an identity crisis in RNA-seq"

Session Two


Dr Marcel Gehrung

Professor David Gems

"What causes ageing? Lessons from C.elegans"

Pok-Man Ho

"Dealing with poorly curated datasets"

Session Three


Dr Sophie Trefely

"Getting to know artefacts"

Dr Sjors Scheres, FRS

"Cryo-EM structures of amyloids from human brain"

Jake Cross

"The Role of Non-Canonical Autophagy (CASM) in the Lysosome Damage Response"

Session Four


Dr David Brown, FRSM, FRSC

"The challenges of inventing Viagra suggest new ways to invent medicines today"

Dr Luana Ferrara

Yizhou Yu

"Parp mutations in Alzheimer's disease"